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brookr — 3 posts

A quick look at some of the top soft-mistakes I see when I'm working with beginners: 5 mistakes that make you look like a Rails n00b.
Feeling stuck learning Rails? Can't tell your M from V in your MVC? Want to connect with a community of learners and pro instructors? Check it out: I just announced dates for the next Rails Fundamentals Workshop. You'll build and launch an app that you understand and can modify yourself. YOUR questions will drive our discussion. Take that, screencasts!

Come join us for some hands-on, live learning!
Rails is hard to learn. There are a lot of different overlapping tools, the opinionated perspective requires you to understand a number of acronym-ized concepts, and even the intro screencasts don't answer if you ask them a question.

That's why I'm offering an online incarnation of my LIVE get-over-the-learning-curve Rails training. We work through the core concepts of Rails, and get an app launched with modern dev tools and workflows in just 8 hours (split over 2 days).

Just for you rubyists: use code RUBYFLOW for a whopping 33% discount.

Check out the details at: ReadySetRails: Rails Fundamentals Workshop.