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brynary — 8 posts

Rails' Insecure Defaults
Just published a detailed blog post covering 13 Rails security gotchas, including risky behaviors in Rails 3 and 4.
DCI, Concerns and Readable Code
I just published a blog post about DCI, Concerns and Readable Code by Giles Bowkett. It explores some recent discussion about ActiveSupport::Concern vs DCI vs class-based composition in Rails models.
I just posted the latest article on the Code Climate blog. It's written by John Pignata, and discusses the similarities between Unix design and good OOP (with a Ruby example).
I just wrote a blog post about Why Ruby Class Methods Resist Refactoring, the implications, and what you can do about it.
I just published a 2,335-word blog post about seven specific best practices (and one anti-pattern) to manage complexity in your Rails models.
I just posted about how I use Sublime Text 2 with Ruby and RSpec, including automatically kicking off tests in
A common question teams run into while building a Rails app is “What code should go in the lib/ directory?”. In this post I describe a common antipattern for Rails code organization and a principle for determining what classes should go where.
I just launched Code Climate. It's a tool that helps Ruby teams reduce technical debt by giving them metrics about their codebase. It's based upon Open Source static analysis projects like Flog and Flay and hosted so you don't have to install or run any software and it's easy to share.