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cbetta — 3 posts

I've just released a gem called Dokkufy to make running your own mini-Heroku using Dokku a whole lot easier and more pleasant.
I've written a little tutorial on how to integrate Log in with PayPal into Rails using Omniauth. It highlights how to set up the app but also how to use the developer portal and the sandbox.
Rails application templates are awesome, especially for hackers that often need to set up the same basic app, but also for companies that want to promote their best practices. Sadly the ecosystem around them seems to be quite limited. Primo is a new gem that tries to solve this by adding a command line interface for defining your default template and share it with others.

At the moment Primo allows you to run a Rails install with a template based on PostgreSQL/HAML/Rspec. It also allows you to specify your own default template in a .primo file.

Inspired by Steve Klabnik's article "Rails has Two Default Stacks" and the awesome Rails application templates.