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codegram — 26 posts

After the continued success of three editions of Baruco and one of FutureJS, we are already working on a new twist for 2015, and we are proud to announce it today: Full Stack Fest.
One of the most interesting Ruby conferences in Europe, taking place on the 11th to the 13th of September this year, just opened their last ticket batch.
We just released vim-codereview, a Vim plug-in written in Ruby to review Github Pull Requests from within Vim. Screencast included!
We've just written a blog post about Futuroscope, a new Ruby gem that makes working with parallelism a piece of cake.
Check out our hyper-realistic trailer!. Also, announcing the first ticket batch (with a brand new website)!
Using ElasticSearch with Ruby
We just published the slides from the using ElasticSearch with Ruby (introductory) talk at Barcelona on Rails.
We just launched Pelusa, a static analysis tool for Ruby code, and also blogged about it!
Check out this week's internal talk slides at Codegram (taken from our blog):
Basic Chrome Extensions: Marc Divins introduced us to the creation of some extensions. Warning: Intense trolling ahead!
Object Oriented Nirvana: Oriol Gual refactored some of our Spinach codebase by applying some Object Orientation's best practices taken from The ThoughtWorks Anthology
We've started doing weekly talks about Ruby, software engineering and computer science in general at our office, and we put the slides open for everyone! Check out our blog post about this.
We just launched a new Rack middleware that injects a Ruby console in your browser. You can read more about in this article :)
Vogue is a node.js-based solution to automatically reload your browser's CSS whan a change is detected. Like livereload but with a neat idea: using along with a node.js server connected to your front-end to notify the front-end of filesystem changes ninja-style. We show how to use it in our blog post. Thanks to Andrew Davey for such a great tool.
As this blog post explains, it's all about abstraction.
We just wrote a little refresh on the Ruby object model and one of their weirdest features: class instance variables.
We ran some benchmarks on different sorting libraries for Rails 3 and wrote a blog post explaining what we found out :)
We just wrote an article about our latest gem to make your Rails 3 models sortable.
We just published an article exploring the CSS3 box-sizing property and its possibilities!
An article comparing Inherited Resources and Decent Exposure to DRY your controllers.
An article explaining how to test Rails 3 generators using integration-like tools such as Cucumber, Aruba and generated ad-hoc apps.
A brief article describing our development environment at Codegram, and the tools that make us productive :)
A brief blog post about our newest gem Markdownizer, providing easy Markdown integration with your Rails applications!
A collection of tricks and resources we use on Codegram's website to enable beautiful and gracefully degrading front-ends.
We just published an article about Twitter authentication with Rails 3, BDD style!
We just launched colorblind, a Rails 3 gem which enhances your logger with trendy colorschemes from the 90's! Fork it on Github if you want!
We just launched cheezburger, a small gem extending RSpec for writing specs in LOLspeak! Fork it on Github also!
We just launched simple_currency, a tiny but smart currency converter. Ruby 1.8, 1.9 and JRuby compatible. Check out the github repo as well and feel free to contribute!
acts_as_decimal for rails 3
We just launched a new ruby gem called acts_as_decimal to treat integer active_record attributes as floats! Check out the source code on Github too.