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codepoet — 4 posts

Yes, you read right: Ruby 2.0 is in feature freeze! This doesn’t mean it will be released in the next month. But it introduces us the most important changes that will come with version 2.0. Want more details? Read on!
Do you know that RSpec can be extended with your own methods? Do you know that you can use Cucumbers "Given, When, Then" in Rspec? No? Then you should read How RSpec Can Be Extended and see for yourself!
Ever wondered if you might miss something in Ruby? Ever had that feeling that Ruby could do something, but you don't know how? Then I have three quick tips for you, taken straight from "Eloquent Ruby" by Russ Olsen. Read on to see what you could know if you read "Eloquent Ruby".
Did you always wonder what that whole SOLID thing is all about? Why everyone is shouting at you for violating the Law of Demeter (you won’t go to jail for that one, by the way)? And did you talk about soccer when people mentioned the Liskov Substitution Principle and looked at you confused? Then read on!