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craz8 — 7 posts

After reading Jesse Storimer's Working with Ruby Threads book, I took the plunge and reconfigured my blog to be multi-threaded on Heroku
For better performance, and less variability in user response times, you can take existing external API calls and cache them in a number of ways. Read about it at the CRAZ8 blog
My cache_lookup gem, for caching, and expiring correctly, a single object in a Rails application. Read about the cache_lookup gem
Following on from my previous post about how to generate good etag values for your resources, I put together a gem that helps you include the template code that is part of the HTML representation of your resource. Read about the etag_for gem
How do you create a good ETAG in Rails that represents the resource in a way that allows for changes to break the cache. Read the post at the CRAZ8 Blog
Since Rails introduced the Fragment Cache several years ago, the use of the feature has evolved away from its initial use case. Read about how to use the fragment cache in a modern Rails application at the CRAZ8 Blog
4 Rails supported techniques that can make your rails app faster. Read about it at the CRAZ8 blog