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dce — 13 posts

I just posted a write-up of using ActiveRecord's .pluck if you only need a subset of model attributes. Check it.
I just posted a technique for handling failure when doing things like importing third-party data or generating reports.
Announcing Sprig, a new gem for better seed data management in your Rails apps.
My buddy Lawson just posted about working with remote files using the Tempfile library.
My coworkers just posted our favorite parts of Avdi Grimm's Confident Ruby.
Lawson Kurtz just posted about dependency sorting in Ruby with TSort.
I just published a post about creating parsers with Parslet.
Mike Ackerman posted about creating PDFs in Rails with Wicked PDF.
I made a simple gem for displaying app usage stats.
Some notes about working with large images in a Rails app.
I just wrote a quick how-to about manual cropping with Paperclip, specifically, how to make manual cropping and automatic thumbnailing play nice.
Write rake tasks that grep your application code for common problems.

Testing Your Code's Text
A sanitizer for Rails that escapes unauthorized and unclosed tags, stopping (clueless|malicious) users dead in their tracks. Read more, including source code ยป