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delano — 7 posts

I released a command-line tool for One-Time Secret today which is handy for copying sensitive data to and from your servers.

$ gem install onetime
As of today, all net-ssh (and family) gems will be signed. "gem install net-ssh" will continue to work as is, but you will now be able to verify the authenticity of each release with "-P HighSecurity":

$ curl -O
$ gem cert --add gem-public_cert.pem
$ gem install net-ssh -P HighSecurity
redis-dump is a CLI tool and library for backing up and restoring redis databases via JSON dumps. Data is output to a plain-text file with one JSON object per line and all redis datatypes are supported (strings, hashes, sets, sorted sets, and lists).
Apps built with Otto have three, basic parts: a rackup file, a ruby file, and a routes file. If you've built a Rack app before, then you've seen a rackup file before. The ruby file is your actual app and the routes file is what Otto uses to map URI paths to a Ruby class and method.
Cryptographic hashes neatly solve a lot of problems. I created Gibbler to make it easy to work with them in Ruby and wrote a bit about how I use it.
I released a new version of Bone and launched a free, companion web-service at I use it store dot-files, config templates, and many other things. Here's the announcement.
I just released a small cli tool and library to backup and restore Redis data to and from JSON. It's alpha quality so don't trust it, but give it a try if you're interested in backing up your data to a known format (note: this is an unofficial Redis tool).