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dnesteryuk — 6 posts

Here I listed my experience with DataMapper 2 which wasn't released and ROM (inheritor of DataMapper 2). We already started using it and I guess our experience may be interesting for other developers as well.
Recently I have had to stub API responses in our tests when an user uses pagination. We have the pagination similar to the pagination of Facebook: you scroll down and you receive new items in the list. It was challenging, because SitePrism.Vcr only allows you to link VCR cassettes with elements and pages.

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In this article you can find my 5 cents about this subject. There are 5 approaches which may help you. It is not about patterns, but it is about making decisions and architecture of an application. There is one approach which started working well for us.
Do you hate fixtures? I do as well.

VCR is a good library for stubbing HTTP interactions, but it is very difficult to maintain dozen cassettes in the project. If you feel the same and you want spend less time on understanding what is wrong with your cassettes, you may find this article useful. Let me know what your thoughts are about that.
I just finished writing blog post about gem which allow you to use SitePrism and Vcr gems for better testing applications working with external API.
We use OOP to make our code be better, why we don’t care too much about our tests? Nat Ritmeyer created a cool library which provides OOP DSL for Capybara. Its name is SitePrism. I have been using this library for 5 months. As a result, my tests look much much more clear and I feel like I have started writing less code for my acceptance tests, because I can inherit sections, pages and so on. I strongly recommend you to take a look at this library.