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doomsdany — 3 posts

A critical vulnerability in the Ruby on rails framework that was patched up last year is still eyed on by hackers who are trying to infect unpatched web servers. ruby on rails web applications based on Ruby programming language is a web app framework that helps in easy deployment of Web 2.0 websites.
The latest ruby on rails 3.2 release is an open source framework that is optimized for the developer’s ease of use and sustainable productivity. This powerful and simple web development framework has opened up new means to create web applications that emphasizes on simplicity, less codes, less configuration data, integrated testing, new routing engine, faster development mode, tagged logging and etc. This has enabled developers to create powerful applications to be produced in a matter of days.
Techniques including ruby on Rails Programing using database design and querying, HTML templating, HTTP, 3rd party service integration, securing against attackers, and scaling up to meet the needs of traffic. You have built great app using ruby on rails applications .