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dorkalev — 7 posts

Gotta ♥ Ruby’s syntax
Rarely do I see the usage of each_with_object and Hash instantiation with default value in Ruby code while they help writing shorter yet understandable code.
In defense of Rails
In defense of Rails: I just wrote my reply to Adam Hawkins' - "moving on from rails"
The Hummus Manifesto: Part 1
Michael Eisenberg is a venture capitalist with Benchmark Capital, read what he has to say about Ruby on Rails, Microsoft and the Israeli High-Tech Sphere on Seeking Alpha.
I just launched SABABA. Consider its concepts if you need to build a site/app with multilingual buttons & title.
this time with a graph ;-)
I'll start with an apology...
After all the feedbacks I got on Loopchat, I decided to launch Sikwamic, a simple rackware, that enables you to use REDIS over HTTP and with COMET style LONG POLLING. enjoy.