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drhenner — 40 posts

ror_ecommerce had its first security announcement. Once this announcement became public, I have become very concerned about how to make these announcements and think the community needs to find a better way.
I just launched stripe_commerce

I gave a small blog post describing stripe_commerce. It is basically a fork of ror_ecommerce that uses stripe.
I just upgraded ror_ecommerce to Rails 4 and Ruby 2. I wrote about the upgrade process HERE. This also represents the ror_ecommerce 2.0.0.beta1 tag. 2.0.0 will be released after rails 4 is officially released.
I just create a video teaching you how to use Validation Issues. If you have forms that are not converting well and you are thinking about doing an AB test you NEED to use this gem.
RoR e-commerce has seen a lot of great refactoring and improvements in the past few months. I thought I should share a progress report with everyone.
A new version of ror_ecommerce was released. This work highlight an awesome new admin look and feel. Take a look on github.
So many people start A/B testing with just a hypothesis. In non-scientific terms that means "A GUESS"! I just launched Validation Issues. I made this gem to help find the cause of forms not converting as well as expected.

Take a look at the github page.
So many people start having issues tracking inventory when their e-commerce app starts getting a lot of traffic. I made a blog post to discuss some solutions.
I create a new post on my e-commerce series. E-commerce Tips 1.2 (The Shopping Cart) go take a look. I've seen some really bad shopping carts in the past few years and I'm hoping people STOP DOING IT WRONG.
I've been very frustrated when I see an app/controllers directory with a lack of namespaces. It's just wrong to not have any namespaces in an app that is large. I try to give me reasoning for why it is wrong to not have namespaces in this article
I've been seeing a lot of e-commerce code that have re-occurring mistakes. I'm staring a series of posts showing the mistakes I see with a better implementations and yada yada.
I just released ror_ecommerce 1.0.0. I also gave a quick tutorial on how to setup ror_ecommerce on Heroku. Also take a look at the project on github. Enjoy Rails 3.2
It's time to turn the task of making a schedule for the business folks into a time to Justify TDD/BDD & Technical Debt. Too often we just give a time based schedule. Spend less time on your schedule and more time justifying Best Practices. Flip what you hate doing into a meeting about what you love.
Sure TDD has to be incorporated in your development process. The problem with Agile and Software processes in general is that they don't address the company. They only address Developers and maybe a few other people. I just created a post on The Gamification Development Process. It is time to address Company wide goals. $$$
I started writing some thoughts on how to best use the Asset Pipeline. I'm most likely going to write several more articles about the asset pipeline. Thanks for reading.
I created a video showing you how to quickly get ror_ecommerce up and running with a minimal dataset. This will quickly allow you to see ror_ecommerce in action.
I've been playing around with stripe for the past month and I have been pretty impressed. It is so easy to use and the documentation is great. That being said there are downsides to stripe compared to ActiveMerchant.

Take a look at my blog post.
I've been scratching my head about why people use open source projects but don't send feedback to the creator. How do we address this issue?
I have not seen any posts online about this yet but it looks like we have a new Rails release. CONGRATS to everyone that contributed!!!
Optimize Early!!!
I constantly hear developers say "Don't optimize too early". I say make it easy for yourself to optimize early.
I just upgraded to Lion. I had a few issues. Check out the post especially if you are using imagemagick or homebrew.
My ruby adventure has began... I am traveling across the USA attending ruby meetups. Check out the review of the San Francisco Ruby on Rails Group.
Ruby Adventure
I'm planning to travel across the USA and pair program with as many people as possible. If you know a meetup I should attend or want to pair with me, go to my site and send me an email. I'm very interested in learning and sharing knowledge with as many people as possible.
If you are interested in how ror_ecommerce's cart works or are just creating your own cart, you should take a look at the video i just created. I go over the cart and how the cart_items are transferred from a cart item to an order/order_items. was recently affected by heroku's down time.

If you were affected by the recent down-time from heroku and have a shared db, you might still have intermittent down time. To avoid this, check out this blog post.
I created a video that you can following the steps to create a rails engine. Part 1: I create the engine. Part 2: I plan on hooking this engine into ror_ecommerce.
My company noticed the images paperclip created were not optimized. We Optimized the images with a paperclip post-processor and we reduced some of our image sizes by 85% without and visual problems. This has been a huge win for us. Check it out.
I've had issues with N+1 queries using current_user in Authlogic. I didn't know the problem has already been solved. Take a look at my Blog Post.
RoR ecommerce now allows customers to pay with store credit and process returns by giving store credit. Check out the git account.
Try watching my VIDEO. on nifty generators again. The first video's quality really sucked.. SO SO SORRY. It's still not perfect but definitely readable.
I made a video to show why I Forked nifty-generators.

I love nifty-generators but when I namespace a controller I need to customize the output. Instead of dealing with all the customizing, I've went ahead and forked the project.
I just wrote an article about How I write Tests. I don't use TDD. Instead I follow a process that comes much more natural to me.
Blogcast Works
I made a git account for ror_blogcast. This is based off Tian Valdemar Davis' blogcast. I changed the migrations so they work now, now my plan is to add tests and move the logic to the models. Enjoy! Dave
OK, I am biased and opinionated but I made a Blog Post comparing Spree and ror_ecommerce.
I commonly use some JavaScript in many projects. I created a Video of JavaScript that you can re-purpose from ror_ecommerce. You can see the code on GitHub.
I just made a Video to show you how to add a Country to RoR Ecommerce (open source e-commerce platform). Also checkout the documentation.
I just created an E-commerce in 45 minutes video using ror_ecommerce.

Check the repo out on github.
RoR E-Commerce Contributors
I'm looking for contributors for ror_ecommerce. Currently its a one man show. I'm looking to build several Rack apps to customize functionality. Additionally I need help with documentation and extending the base functionality.
ROR Ecommerce Documentation
I just launched Documentation for the RoR Eccomerce Platform. The site isn't complete but for people just starting out with RoR Eccomerce this should be a big help.

I've also fixed lot of bugs I'd be excited to hear feedback from people that are using the platform.
ROR Ecommerce
I just launched ROR ecommerce. ROR ecommerce is a Rails 3 startup application with the intent to allow developers to create an ecommerce solution easily. This solution includes, an Admin for Purchase Orders, Product creation, Shipments, Fulfillment and creating Orders. There is a minimal customer facing shopping cart understanding that this will be customized. The cart allows you to track your customers cart history and includes a double entry accounting system. The project has solr searching, compass and blueprint for CSS and uses jQuery.