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drnic — 16 posts

Simple CI now! You need your CI test environment to look exactly like your production environment; and it should be trivial to set up. Here's how with Hudson CI, Vagrant and 10 minutes of your time!
Now available on gemcutter, the github gem is alive and kicking with an exciting 0.4.0 release. To install:
  $ gem sources -a
  $ gem install github

To see all the options:
  $ gh
Post any issues/bugs. Latest continuous integration status via runcoderun: green.
Have you ever even bothered to Google for "rails html template"? There are millions of "Wordpress themes" you can download for free or less than $100, a thousand times more static HTML templates, but never any category of template called "Ruby on Rails theme". So here is an attempt to try and make any "HTML Template" into a "Ruby on Rails Template" with the helper app install_theme.
The latest release of efax now supports receiving faxes via It already supported sending faxes, but you knew that already, you clever thing you. sudo gem install efax
Jack Chen discovers the secret lost art of converting an 800mb git repository down to a respectable 80mb
Professional Ruby Conference Notes by Nick Quaranto seems like a great write-up off all sessions. I didn't read one "ooh I was too hungover or bored to report of this talk" article either.
Accessing Rails Documentation, Fast (by Jack Chen) shows how RailsApi can be integrated into LaunchBar to give rails-documentation searching in a few button clicks (OS X)
Cucumber: building a better World (object) discusses how to write helper libraries for your Cucumber step definitions and how to upgrade your support libraries from Cucumber 0.2 to 0.3 (released today).
Closing in on The Dream: “one-click-to-deploy Rails apps” introduces the latest and greatest in rails 2.3 templates: a template that not only creates a Rails app with various plugins and gems, but let's you choose what sort of authentication, WHERE you want the application to be hosted on slicehost, PUSHES your local git repo up to a generated github project, AUTOMATICALLY registers your app with twitter if you use twitter-auth, and then deploys it to your slice under the initial domain

If you create any variations or improvements to it for your own template, I'd love to hear about it!
In this tutorial, Dr Nic introduces Ben Mabey's plugin email-spec that allows you to do integration testing of the emails you send from your Rails app.
Rails TextMate bundle has had lots of great additions over the last few months and has been packaged up and is ready for download. If you want to add new snippets or improvements, remember to fork to git repo and install it directly from your own repo.
Cucumber is a tool that can execute plain-text documents as automated functional tests. It is awesome. And finally version 0.2 has been released. As usual: gem install cucumber
rbiphonetest had a very nasty/critical bug where you couldn't develop/test Objective-C classes that were dependent upon each other. Individual projects that used rbiphonetest solved this problem, but only now has the solution be refactored back into the rbiphonetest generator. Yay! The internals of the rbiphonetest gem are now covered by cucumber scenarios too so it will be much easier to add features with confidence. ALSO: Ben Scofield wrote an article about rbiphonetest in edition 2 of The Rubyist (free in PDF form)
NewGem's install_cucumber generator is now using the same structure as Rails' cucumber generator:

  + support
    + env.rb
  + step_definitions
    + common_steps.rb
Garlic is a tool you can use within your rails plugin so you can run the plugin's tests against a combination of different dependencies: different versions of rails (2.0.2, 2.1.2, edge, etc), and different versions of gems etc. See sample pastie showing tests of a plugin against versions of rails + rspec:
I tried to use Automator once, but ran up against things it couldn't do. With the Run Ruby Script by Jason Foreman it seems to be uber flexible now.