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egreenberg — 14 posts

Engine Yard's resident PHP developer delves into learning Ruby. Check out his story here.
Michal Papis talks about RVM Autolibs.
André Arko of Bundler writes about little known Bundler tricks. Check it out here.
Check out Jeremy Budnack of Engine Yard's journey with concurrency in Ruby right here.
The fourth major release of the Ruby on Rails framework is coming up rather soon. While no official release date has been announced, many anticipate a release candidate early this year. This version of the framework has been over a year in the making and represents a major change in the way its internals are architected. Read about what else is in store here.
Check out all the details about the upcoming Rails Girls event here!
Most of us have all seen that dreaded seafoam green graph when using New Relic. You know the one - request queueing. Sending a cold shiver up your spine, it depicts a slow application struggling to serve your users and an increasing probability that those users will “bounce” away from your app and into the arms of another.

...or does it? Check out the article here
Engine Yard is excited to announce the winners of the first ever Engine Yard Innovators Awards. Check out the winners here!
Check out how to run custom chef cookbook recipes with deploy. Is this little bit of magic useful to you? If so, then read on!
Check out our tips for keeping your app up and running at all times with High Availability Best Practices.
Check out what Engine Yard has been up to this year in the data realm, including Posgres 9.2, Riak and more!
Check out this article about eCommerce and Rails
One of my pet projects has been: how quickly and simply can I boot Jenkins CI on to Engine Yard Cloud? I now have it down to two command line steps! Check it out here!
Introducing Bloggy: A simple way to add a Jekyll blog to any Rails application, awesome tool.