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fcoury — 7 posts

I have been trying to tackle this for a couple of days now and finally managed to do it. I needed something to keep me posted on some twitter posts and found out that there were some Apps on AppStore that would charge you .99 EUR per keyword. Nah. I Installed Prowl for USD 2.99 instead so I can get any notifications I can take, straight from a Ruby daemon. Then I just deployed this to a server... Thankfully we have such great gems as ruby-prowl and tweetstream and it made my life a lot easier when putting this project together. Yes, it's dirty but may be helpful to some other Ruby folks so here you have it - intweet.
Did you ever need to validate HTML output using Cucumber steps without driving a browser? Well, we did and here's how we fulfilled this need.
There's a good chance many Rubyists are familiar with John Nunemaker's new MongoDB ORM in the hood, MongoMapper. So far we could not do one to many Polymorphic Associations between documents, but that was until yesterday. Take a look at what you can now do with it.
If you hate having to create and update new SSH public keys to GitHub every time you start working on a new machine/server, here's a gist that will make you happy(er): it will first (optionally) generate an SSH public key for you and then upload it to GitHub.

It uses Octopi RubyGem under the hood to leverage their new born API v2.
I have started a GitHub repository for an early version Ruby interface to the just released GitHub API v2. Read about it here and please: fork it away!
Recently, trying to replicate those functions in Ruby, I had a lot of headache understanding their inner workings. If you ever need that in the future, here's my blog post on how to get exact same functions using pure Ruby.
When you try to anticipate what will be the id generated by an input HTML markup generated by a radio button, so it can be referenced by a label tag, you may have some surprises. This article elaborates on what may be the problem.