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galori — 4 posts

I was surprised at how minimal the code actually is. Here are the steps:
I just posted two new blog posts covering some useful git actions:

Using git to tag deploys and then using the "--contains" switch to determine the exact time & date a certain feature went live:

..and a collection of useful git commands and workflows, including Diffing Diff's, common ancestors of commits or branches, recommitting a commit, viewing a file in another branch without actually checking it out - and more:
array#only for ruby
A small post providing a semantic replacement for array.first when you only expect it to contain one item.
simple-useragent” gem - provides the ability to for cleaner browser specific CSS targeting*. For example, instead of the targeting IE7 with a CSS hack such as: *:first-child+html #content {height: 500px;} /* IE7 */ - you can now do this: .ie7 #content {height: 500px;}