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glebm — 6 posts

order_query finds next or previous records relative to the current one efficiently, using techniques popularized by Markus Winand. Version 0.1.3 just came out with several performance improvements. Read more on Github.
i18n-tasks v0.4.5 has just been released. The gem helps you find and manage missing and unused translations. It has gone a long way since the first release in Oct 2013, and supports a number of features that can save you lots of time:

* find missing and unused keys
* fill in missing keys with Google Translate or base value / placeholder
* find key usages
* manage key structure across files

I would love to hear how you are using i18n-tasks!
I've just released order_query, a gem that finds next / previous record(s) in one query, for ActiveRecord.

We use it for linking to the next search result from the show page, in a typical search -> show result scenario.
New release of i18n-tasks, a gem to manage translations in Ruby and Rails, now shows where the keys are used:

i18n-tasks v0.2.1 has just been released. The gem provides tasks to manage missing and unused translations in Rails. A notable new feature is the task to prefill translations using Google Translate:
rake i18n:fill:google_translate
I just shared i18n-tasks. Rails I18n tasks to find missing / unused translations and more. Works with slim / coffee / haml etc. Provides these tasks:

i18n:missing task shows all the keys that have not been translated yet
i18n:unused task shows potentially unused translations
i18n:prefill task normalizes locale files, and adds missing keys from base locale to others

i18n:unused will detect pattern translations and not report them, e.g.:
t 'category.' + cat.key # 'category.books' considered used
t "category.#{cat.key}" # also works