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harisamin — 4 posts

I just blogged about my GoRuCo 2012 (Gotham Ruby Conference) microtalk. I had a blast giving and preparing for the talk. Hope you guys enjoy it. Links to code, slide, and video of the talk are in the blog post. Enjoy! :)
Last weekend, I won 1st place at the 2012 API Hackday NYC with my submission Spotify Water Cooler. It is a Spotify playlist manager that interacts with Spotify playlists (intended to be played on a shared space/office computer blasting Spotify). The water cooler bit refers to a simple non-persistant web chat as well as the awesome Twilio Client API integration for a voice chat from the browser. The app was built with Sinatra. Enjoy!
Kyatchi - Catch the Mail!
I just launched Kyatchi. It's essentially a nodejs clone of Mailcatcher. I've wanted to build something like Mailcatcher so I built Kyatchi. I think Node is a perfect platform for it, however, it really made me realize how awesome the Mail gem in ruby is (especially after the Rails 3 rewrite). So some parsing and feature set is not quite there yet, but its a fun and clean project so far. Check it out and contribute back if you can.
A few days ago, I blogged how to get Rails 3 RC, MongoMapper, and Devise up and running. I thought others might find this useful.