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imanel — 3 posts

If you are interested in WebSockets and working with Ruby then this post should be interesting for you. If you are new or just plan to do so then don't forget to check out new server and client!
I just released first version of new WebSocket server - WebSocket-Rack. Why next WS server you ask? Because some of you want to have both application and WS server in the same process, and em-websocket won't allow you to do that. WebSocket-Rack is pure Rack app, so it will work with Sinatra, Rails and Merb!

How about speed? It's based on EventMachine and share a lot of code with em-websocket, and should have comparable speed or be little faster(thanks to header parser written in C)
Vti's post about building WebSocket server inspired me to write another one, but this time about building server and client in Ruby. See for yourself that this is quite simple with LibWebSocket!