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jamied — 11 posts

Created 1 year ago the Shortcode gem has new hit version 1.0.0. Thanks to the community for submitting pull requests, bug reports and feature requests the gem has matured and become more full featured in it's year of existence. Features of note include:

* Simple and easy to use, renders templates with passed in attributes
* Custom helpers (like rails view helpers)
* Presenters
* erb, haml and slim template support

Hopefully next year will see just as much community participation and improvement to the gem.

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Shortcode, the ruby gem for working with Wordpress style shortcodes in your ruby apps has been updated to version 0.3.0 today. New in this version (and 0.2.0 released a few of days ago), support for loading templates from strings, support for passing complex parameters through to presenters. Shortcode gem on Github.
The shortcode gem for parsing wordpress style shortcodes in ruby content management systems now has presenters for more powerful control over what is rendered by the templates. Check it out.
An article with tips on how to build a Rails Rumble entry with the best chance of winning.
I've released a shortcode parser gem to provide a flexible way to define and parse WordPress style shortcode tags in Ruby
a should macro that checks a form has been rendered with the correct attributes.
How to integrate Hoptoad with Vlad and pull out relevant git information.
How to run Merb through Phusion Passenger as an unprivileged user.
Media72 hosting talk about their switch to mod rails from FastCGI and the benefits it has bought.
The javascript_auto_include plugin has been updated to allow multiple views to use the same javascript file.
Jamie Dyer of Media72 Hosting has published the javascript_auto_include plugin which, as the name suggests, automatically includes javascript files in your template.