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janlelis — 33 posts

If you want to master Ruby, you should know strings very well. Follow @RubyStrings to learn about all the details!
A tiny Ruby script to generate a Dockerfile from a Dockerfile.erb template.
I just updated the zucker core extension library and it is now completely based on refinements. It is organized in very small units and playing around with it is a great way to get familiar with Ruby's new refinements!
I have just released Deutsch.rb, which lets you reference global variables such as $_ using less cryptic names.
The ruby_info gem provides a RubyInfo class that contains a lot of information about your current Ruby environment. Also, the source file is a good place to learn about the various global variables and constants that have special values.
I just released some colorful print debugging helpers. Simple, but useful.
Regular: Rails + Angular
Hi Rails programmers! I have published a gem that makes it easier to use AngularJS from Rails: rg. I have also written a blog post explaining its philosophy!
Value Struct
Simple read-only structs in Ruby. Ready to be used everywhere! quickly finding their docs.
PWS 1.0 has been released. It got new features on crypto level and tweaks in the command-line interface. I've also written a small blog post about my Ruby experiences I've had while implementing the gem.
I've refactored my pws gem and now it's fun to use :)
The ubuntu/gnome default editor is pretty slick. This guide shows, how to configure it for development.
You can get better Ruby syntax highlighting, highlighted Gemfile.lock files and proper highlighting for .js.erb, .yml.erb and similar files :) switching to Rails 3.1 and/or using the SlimMigrations gem :D
No string extensions / 256 color support / effect support / custom shortcuts. Just another terminal colors gem ;). Tries to combine the best of term-ansicolor, rainbow and other terminal color gems with a nice syntax and great flexibility:
Irbtools is a meta gem that installs useful irb gems and configures your irb. It's easy to use and much more fun than a vanilla irb ;) This latest release focuses on decreasing the annoying start-up time caused by loading too much libraries, so it offers multiple loading methods, including autoload and threads.
Logger is very easy to use... do it ;)
Get some ideas for your .railsrc :)
Wirb fixes some Wirble bugs, for example :+ or :*. It also supports more objects like regexes, sets and enumerators.

And I am searching for nice color schemas. The best ones will be bundled with a future Wirb version ;).
A blog post about ripl.
with fresh, the Fresh Ruby Enhanced Shell.
Using a regex, it determines, whether you want to evaluate Ruby or call a system command.
Example session.
With the fancy_irb gem, you can set colors for the prompts, irb errors, stderr and stdout. Furthermore, you can output results as Ruby comment and modify the output value using procs.
How to build your own password safe with Ruby: blog post, gist
Just another alternative to Utility Belt: irbtools. It's a meta gem which installs some great other gems like: interactive_editor, guessmethod, clipboard, wirble, hirb, awesome_print, zucker, ...
More information & screenshots in this blog entry.
Hey, I've put together this little clipboard gem which allows to access the clipboard on Liunx, MacOS and Windows. You simply say Clipboard.copy("string") for copying and Clipboard.paste for pasting.
I wrote a little blog post that shows the implementation of three helpful "magical" constants:
* OS: returns the current operating system
* RubyEngine: returns the current Ruby implementation
* RubyVersion: returns the current Ruby version
If you don’t know what to do on whyday, do not play code golf! It is frustrating! And it is addictive! And you don’t create something useful by golfing! But it is also fun!
And I am not the only one who wants to squeeze code even more. The original Ruby 1.9 interpreter comes with pretty crazy version of itself: a version for code golfing!
Zucker is a small gem that adds syntactical sugar to Ruby :)

Install: gem install zucker
Use: require 'zucker/all'
More info: / introduction / source
has_many_booleans is an ActiveRecord plugin which creates virtual boolean attributes for a model. When the object gets saved, the plugin transforms all attributes into a single integer, using a bitset. So you can easily add new attributes without changing the database structure.
- more information -
1.9.2 comes with some new Array and Enumerable methods: keep_if, chunk, slice_before, flat_map...
This is a blog post about what they are and what they do.
Rails 3 Documentation
I just relaunched It hosts the current Rails RDoc and is regenerated every day.
ubuntu 10.4 "Lucid Lynx" has been released today and here is how to turn it into a sweet Ruby development environment:
1 – Installing Ruby (and Rails) on ubuntu
2 – Troubleshooting common Ruby ubuntu problems
3 – Be one with your command line!
4 – Make gedit better than any IDE ;)