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jc00ke — 13 posts

Brian Shirai has announced the end of RubySpec in a post titled Matz's Ruby Developers Don't Use RubySpec and It's Hurting Ruby.
The last post in the intro series on Rubinius 3.0 talks about some exciting changes to the language.
Here Brian introduces the subsystems of Rubinius: GC, JIT, Metric, UI, and CodeDB.
Starting to dive a bit deeper about improvements in the Rubinius instruction set.
Interesting thoughts and some welcome improvements planned for Rubinius 3.0.
Say hi to the Rubinius Team! News on Rubinius 3.0 coming soon too.
Release notes here.

Notable additions:

- keyword arguments
- beginnings of Rubinius::Console
- Rubinius::Metrics

Please test your code and let us know if you see any issues. Thanks!
Brian Shirai of the Rubinius team announced on the Rubinius blog that he'll be joining Enova and continuing his work on Rubinius. Thanks to Enova for their new sponsorship of Rubinius!
Brian Shirai of the Rubinius team just launched Rubinius X, an experiment in modernizing Ruby. Read more on the Rubinius X site
After years of hard work, the Rubinius team released 2.0. Rubinius 2.0 targets compatibility with Ruby 2.1, and will have weekly releases to fix bugs and improve performance.
How does one change the connection pool size in Rails when hosting on Heroku? Watsi's post on setting AR's connection pool size uses the latest and greatest from both Puma and Sidekiq to achieve this.
The commit that made it real. Right now Rubinius supports multiple Ruby versions (1.8 & 1.9) in one executable. Rubinius 2.0 will build the executable with only 1 mode. So no more rbx -X19.
A great article by Pan Thomakos on speeding up Rails boot time by using `require: false` in your Gemfile.