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jcoglan — 25 posts

Announcing Faye 1.0
After over 4 years of development, Faye has reached 1.0.
I just released jstest, a cross-platform JS testing framework. As a silly example of its power I decided to use it to run RSpec tests from my browser.
I've blogged about the new WebSocket library I've been working on that helps you easily add robust WebSocket support on any Ruby I/O stack, and why most protocol libraries fall short of the mark.
After a bout of furious (in both senses) hacking, I've released Terminus 0.4, a Capybara driver for controlling any browser you like.
I just shipped version 0.8 of Faye, the pub/sub messaging toolkit for the Web. It splits the WebSocket support and Redis backend into new libraries, and makes it possible for 3rd parties to implement their own pluggable backends. Everything you need to know is on the blog.
As promised after the release of Faye 0.7, its WebSocket code is now available on its own, providing a robust, general purpose WebSocket implementation that's easy to integrate into Rack apps.
The latest release of Faye adds a few new event hooks, and ships with a stand-alone WebSocket client/server implementation that makes adding WebSockets to any Rack app dead simple.
Faye is a simple pub/sub server for the web, and I just put out a release that adds support for the new WebSocket protocol used by Firefox 6 and Chrome 14.
I just pushed out version 0.3 of Terminus and gave it a spiffy new website. This is the first release since Capybara 1.0 and it supports almost all of Capybara's capabilities. Plus it lets you run tests on your iPad, which is pretty sweet.
Faye 0.6 released
The easy-to-use pub/sub messaging server Faye is now on version 0.6, which features a new backend engine based on Redis. This lets you distribute your Faye service across many web servers to increase connection capacity.
I've been putting together some exercises for a workshop to introduce people to language-building. You're given a parser for a basic Lisp and it's up to you to write an interpreter for it. I'd love feedback if anyone wants to try it out.
I just released JS.Class 3.0, a portable modular JavaScript class library based on Ruby. It includes a cross-platform package loader and testing framework, and a ton of data structures and other useful OO goodies.
I spent the last week hacking on Primer, a cache that knows when to update itself. Very much an experiment, feedback welcome.
Following the release of Capybara 0.4, I've pushed out Terminus, a driver that lets you script any browser on any machine. Run cukes on your iPad!
I just released Faye 0.5, an easy-to-use pub/sub messaging system for Rack, Node and web browsers.
New docs site for Faye
If you've been using Faye, my HTTP messaging middleware for Rack, you should take a look at the new project site. Should be a bit easier to skim than the pile of text that previously resided on the GitHubs.
I've just published an alpha release of Terminus after hacking on it for an afternoon. It lets you script browsers from the command line, and hopefully will turn into something that makes integration testing easier.
Faye is a simple-to-use publish/subscribe messaging library that implements the Bayeux protocol for Ruby and Node.js. The latest release adds support for server-side clients, so now your backend application can send messages out to client browsers.
Faye is a toolkit for publish/subscribe messaging between web clients. It includes a JavaScript client library and two server backends, one for Rack based on EventMachine and the other a brand new version for Node.js. More info on my blog.
Heist is an interpreter for R5RS Scheme, written in as little Ruby and as much Scheme as possible. This release adds support for the character, string and vector datatypes, including complete R5RS libraries for each. Heist supports tail call optimisation, macros and first-class continuations and is easily extensible using Ruby.
Prompted by its being featured on Rails Tips recently, I've completed my original and long-interupted plans for Siren. It allows JSONQuery expressions to run against any Ruby object graph, and includes a JSON parser that supports cross-referencing and embedded queries.
Faye 0.1.0 released
Faye is an implementation of the Bayeux Comet protocol as Rack middleware, including a JavaScript client. I'm putting out a very early version and need help scaling the server across multiple Ruby processes so I can use it with Passenger.
Eventful is a very small event handling library based on Observable that adds named events, block listeners and event bubbling to your objects.
JS.Class 2.1 released
I just released JS.Class 2.1, my implementation of Ruby's object system in JavaScript. This release includes a Hash implementation, HashSet, an updated Ruby 1.9 Enumerable module with enumerators and Symbol#to_proc functionality, and an improved package manager.
Consent provides a DSL for matching HTTP requests and managing access control to Rails apps. Recently updated to support Rails 2.3 and provide shorthand URL generator expressions for controller and view code.