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jerodsanto — 12 posts

IMGKit is rad. You can create image files (great for sharing on social networks) and serve them from Rails just like any other dynamic view. Find out how!
Chris Wilson on why our Rails applications should be organized around declarative layers, with the database as a prime example of how we may be Doing It Wrong.
Discourse is a new, open source discussion platform built on Rails and Ember.js.

I wanted to see what a production-ready Rails/Ember codebase looks like, so I cloned the repo, had a look around, and jotted down some things that I saw.

Check it out!
A Ruby Rebus Challenge
Here's a fun little Ruby-based challenge heading into the weekend: can you figure out all 20 movie titles from these Ruby Rebuses?
Ruby's regular expressions have an idiosyncrasy around end-of-line and end-of-string anchors that can get you in trouble when doing input validation. Find out how and why to avoid it in this brief post.
In which I dig into the nitty, gritty details of implementing this multi-tenant strategy.
A Rails tutorial demonstrating basic CRUD actions for a single model using the new jQuery Mobile framework. Great for beginners! Link
An ActiveRecord-like mapping layer which offers familiar syntax like has_many, has_one etc. to build your domain model in ruby. Only 300 loc and on GitHub.
Cappuccino on Rails
CappuccinoResource is like ActiveResource for Cappuccino projects. There is an introductory blog post, a demo application, and source code for the demo and the library on GitHub. Also of note, there is also a Flow dedicated to the Cappuccino community. Be sure to follow it if you have any interest in this exciting framework!
In case you're on the fence about Gregory Brown's first publication. A mini book review.
Geoffrey Grosenbach has made available his 30-minute MacRuby presentation for RubyFest. Check it out.
DreamHost recently released an (in progress) API. I created a new gem called "Dreamy" which includes a library and command-line tool to interface with their API. Read more here. Source is on GitHub (where else?)