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jhilden — 3 posts

Join up to 200 fellow Rails developers in Cologne in 2 weeks for the 5th edition of RailsCamp Germany! Meet old and new friends, learn, teach, exchange ideas and experiences, and have tons of fun and games at this crowd-organized unconference extraordinaire. As the venue we found an awesome indoor climbing/skating place that should support lots of techy (talks, workshops) and non-techy (climbing, skating, soccer, basketball) activities. It will be great fun.
There is an annoying CSS limit in IE versions 9 and below, which leads to all CSS selectors beyond the 4095th to be ignored. Due to Sass (--> more selectors) and the asset pipeline (--> bigger stylesheets) this is especially a problem in the Rails world. This blogpost gives a little bit of background on the issue and introduces the CssSplitter gem, which helps Rails developers to split up their overweight stylesheets for IE compatibility.
Blogpost about some advanced uses of Sass for writing better, more modular frontend code. The first part gives an overview about SMURF, which stands for Scalable, Modular, reUsable Rails Frontends and is an effort to implement the SMACSS approach using Sass (& Rails). The second part of the post talks about lessons learned on the correct/sensible usage of Sass's powerful but dangerous @extend functionality. Read more