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The Rails way to serialize/deserialize objects with Message Pack:
Ten Things You Didn't Know Git And GitHub Could Do
PoEAA on Rails
The book Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture (PoEAA) laid the blueprints for Rails’ architecture. However, as applications growing more and more complex, developers are starting to realize these default architectural patterns come with Rails may not scale very well. In the post PoEAA on Rails, I walk you through some enterprise patterns from the same book that Rails’ architecture heavily base upon, and provide suggestions on scaling your Rails codebase.
Testing REST web services has never been easy. It requires a running web server, multiple threads, network conection and complex transaction management.

Ideally, web service test will have the following characteristics:

1. The experience of testing web service API is similar to that of testing a ActiveRecord model
2. Start up and shut down the web server for the purpose of running REST web services
3. Rollback test data after each test
4. Control fixture creation for REST web services
5. All tests are automatic

In this article, I demonstrate solutions to each of those mentioned by using ActiveResource and dRuby.
There’s a growing tendency to treat the word “Agile” as a noun. This post discusses what an agile software developer should do:
The jekyll_and_hyde gem is a HTML presentation generator that generates a basic Jekyll scaffold with Slippy hooking up. This screencast( walks you through the ideas behind jekyll_and_hyde and how to create a presentation and then publish it to GitHub Pages. The slide is available at htttp://​jekyll_and_hyde_demo.
jekyll_and_hyde is a HTML presentation generator that generates a basic Jekyll scaffold with Slippy hooking up. Combining Jekyll and Slippy can provide a powerful yet simple solution to create presentations: use the jekyll_and_hyde gem to generate a Jekyll template with Slippy properly integrated; write slides with Makrdown or Textile; publish slides by pushing it to a Git repository, present slides in a browser.

Project page: - Demo:
The algorithm of load path inferring in Rails 3 is a bit weird when class caching is turned off. Here is one gotchas