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jlebrech — 7 posts

I hope this can be useful to some: My article criticism is welcome.
This is my wishlist
I've set up a feed for retweeting ruby conferences.

Of course it will only be useful if people follow and mention conferences in their tweets @rubyconferences
Learning to use rvm is easy and worth it, but can be tiresome to type the stuff all the time to switch from one version and remembering which version an app uses.. The use of aliasing and bash scripts makes it much easier
It is agreed that monkey patching can be naughty, but with a bit of discipline can be a great tool, a slightly more evil (in most instances) thing to do is to freeze code. This beginners article shows how to extend classes using modules. Even if those are frozen.
This time I use Coderay as the code highlighter, I don't go into much detail on that itself but delve into monkey patching and highline and throw in a heredoc also.

See the article here.
I made a little script to read ruby files and spit them out coloured in the terminal. It can be used to replace cat eventually so that you can see the line number and highlighting. It only highlights ruby at the moment and highlights in aweful hard coded colours, but that's easy to change. Future features could also include highlighting search strings passed through the second parameter.