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jondot — 17 posts

Sneakers is a high performance background processing framework for Ruby based on RabbitMQ. It has a hybrid processing model akin to Puma+Unicorn combined. It's being used in production for I/O intensive, as well as CPU intensive workloads, and it maxes all cores.
I just published an article about asset pipeline internals covering how they work, and how to build your own with Sprockets or rake-pipeline.
I just posted ZeroMQ and Ruby a Practical Example showing how I added a ZeroMQ endpoint onto an HTTP only service for great performance.
I just pushed Roundtrip, a Redis, Sinatra and Graphite based business process tracking and metrics service. You can also see how it works in this blog post.
I just pusehd FrenzyBunnies. A JRuby and RabbitMQ based background workers framework, targeting high-performance and efficient resource utilization use cases.
I just posted Pragmatic Concurrency With Ruby. A pragmatic take on doing real concurrency with JRuby.
Building your tools with Thor
Just published my article about Thor. Enjoy
Just pushed logbook. A personal CLI app that helps you log your memories onto virtual logbooks made of Gists.
Just posted my first look at mruby with a practical overview, and a naive benchmark.
Check out moxy - a programmable mock proxy built with Sinatra.
Vitals is a very simple rails 3 plugin which exposes ActiveSupport Notifications back to statsd.
An evening's effort, here is an open-source, Sinatra based implementation of BoxJS/CSS/Resizer back ends compatible with Box*'s javascript libraries, including future Box* features - that you can deploy right now.
Blogged about a use case efficiently solved with graylog2 check it out here.
Here is an educational example of a pure Swing and JRuby desktop application. In it, I show how I've converted an existing Java Swing app to JRuby.
I’ve jused pushed support for C# in rocco, here is how it looks like.
Check out passage A tiny, flexible OpenID server which you can customize and hack, for personal or public use.
Just pushed version_bumper. Quickly add versioning to your ruby and non ruby projects, in or out of rake.