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jordoh — 6 posts

Enable automatic reloading in the Rails console so every statement is evaluated using the latest code.
Read this blog post for an approach to mass-assignment security that:

- Does not rely on the developer remembering to protect their attributes like attr_protected does.
- Does not keep the developer from using a whole class of convenience methods like attr_accessible does.
Here's a short post that might save you a headache (or two) the next time you have to go spelunking in your Rails server logs.
Got a Rack app you want to get some performance metrics for? Here's a post on setting up detailed New Relic instrumentation - including Developer Mode - for your Rack app.

Want to show some geocoded locations on your own image of the world? Well, here's a post to guide you through the process.
I had trouble finding an example of a Rails 3 view resolver the other day, so I wrote up a post with a sample implementation.