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josephwilk — 7 posts

A screencast demonstrating using the Limited Red project with Cucumber.
Applying some of the ideas of Kent Becks JunitMax tool to Cucumber.
Javascript adapter for Cucumber which uses TheRubyRacer which provides bindings to V8 -> Testing Javascript with Cucumber in Javascript
Pairwise Testing with Cucumber
JVM Call to arms with Cucumbers
Encouraging JVM based languages to try and use the Ruby Cucumber tool using JRuby. Ultimately leading to World domination by our green little friends. Read More
A talk about Cucumber which covers what Cucumber is, why to use use it and how to use it. Has an example of using Cucumber to test a IPhone application. Cucumbered
Latent Semantic Analysis in Ruby
An implementation of Latent Semantic Analysis in Ruby. Contains explanations, examples, gem and code.