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joshowens — 35 posts

Check out this new startup podcast where a bootstraping entrepreneur talks about building PHP products and then switching into ruby as a project manager.
Thank you DHH (and others)
A follow up blog post to the controversial post about Meteor killing Rails. I wanted to clarify a few things about my love for rails over the years.
Being a maker is in my DNA
I wrote some thoughts on my life journey of being a (rails) maker and how it progressed. Not very technical, but here it is: Being a maker is in my DNA.
In this age of tumblr, medium, and roon a group took the time to write a custom blog engine. Read why they wrote a blog.
Wrote up a quick post on a few things we forgot when launching our SaaS, hopefully it will help others :)
We just launched and talked about how we saved $3.5k a year on external services we needed to launch our rails app.
Web apps are dead, long live web apps!
Interesting article on the way our community is shifting to backbone and coffeescript on top of rails.
Come watch as Yehuda Katz talks about using web apps (some rails) to build native apps using SproutCore and strobe.
Watch as we talk with Ezra Zygmuntowicz about CloudFoundry. Sit back and learn how Cloud Foundry works, what technologies they use, and how they enabling cloud platforms.
Sit back and learn how heroku works, what technologies they use, and how they handle a downtime situation.
The latest episode of features Ryan Carver from Typekit talking about how they use ruby, rails, CDN, selenium, etc. It is a great interview that includes Ryan talking about Selenium and their automated testing of browser font rendering.
Learn how Postrank scales their app with eventmachine and ruby on the latest episode of posted it's recent episode featuring PusherApp, a websockets service.
Check out the recent episode of featuring New Relic, we discuss switching the data collector from ruby to java, tweaking mysql, and more! posted the interview with Jacob Harris about how they use Varnish to help scale all their interactive rails apps. posted it's latest video interview with Kevin Smith. The interview covers CAP theorem, Riak, and ways to scale your app.
The Chef/OpsCode episode of was posted and dives into what chef is and how it works, it has good explanations from Joshua Timberman.
Simple metrics you can use to gauge healthy open source projects.
I just posted an episode of with Michael Nutt, he talks about Gilt Groupe, rails, jruby, etc.
The latest episode is up. Tom talks about a ton of stuff including Grit, Chimney, Unicorn, Redis and Resque, etc.
Launching quick
A great post with insight on how to plan and launch a webapp quick, with rails. just published the latest episode with John Nunemaker talking about Varnish, MongoDB, and how it has changed his dev cycles a bit. interviews Mark Imbriaco of 37signals and discussed bare metal servers, running rails apps, db setups, and much more!
Throwing out code
Ever get stuck writing something that you know is just plain wrong? Throw out the code and start over!
A quick dive into code and the various ways to use ensure.
Build if for yourself
Insight into going from a ruby script to a rails website and how to gauge features you want to add.
Grow your app from seeds
Use rails database seed rake task to instantly add data to your development db, it helps spot design and user flow issues quickly.
A pragmatic approach discussing how to easily fit in a team and keep code flowing every day.
Fun with active record
I've recently been working on a feature that required UNION's, locking, and much more.
A blog post about the pitfalls of using mocks and stubs in your functional testing.
Yehuda Katz wrote a great article on merging rails and merb which includes great examples and some benchmarks.
John Nunemaker writes about using MongoDB for their new Harmony management app.
Sometimes all you need is an extra slice
Read how Four Bean Soup used NewRelic to evaluate page load times and add a dedicated mySQL slice to improve page load times to an average of 80-90ms.
Don't complicate your billing code...
There are many choices when it comes to building a billing system. Read up on key elements and considerations before you write yours.
The scaling to the edge of rails screencast series was just updated with part 3