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jparekh — 15 posts

Using the active_admin gem in the admin section can be a headache once the admin section becomes a little bigger. I have used inherited_resources in the past and have become a big fan of it. Would like thoughts and opinion. Please check the blog here
Conscious Ruby on Rails development team at Idyllic Software just launched Proud Errors. The application turns your rails application error pages to show a global cause. No need to design for error pages any more while you can now be proud when that 404 or 500 page shows up.

Take a look -
Case statements in SQL
Harness the power of sql case statements -
Branching, Merging and Restoring branches with SVN..
Process => Process in CarrierWave
Process => Process in CarrierWave.
Rails Observer Implementation Part 2.
Auto Login from Iphone Home Screen
Auto Login from Iphone Home Screen Shortcut using LocalStorage and Rack
Rails Observer Pattern
How to implement observer pattern in Rails.
Santosh wrote a neat blog on his experience on VIM and how he overcame the hurdle of not being productive syndrome VIM for Ruby on Rails developer - An experience.
It's not Rails but yet it cannot be avoided either. Check out a 1 minute pictorial reasons for why User interface is where s.u.c.c.e.s.s begins.
A neat how to on Endless page using jQuery and will_paginate.
A cheatsheet on YAML.
Tagging with Redis
A nice post from Siddharth on Tagging with Redis.
A blog here.