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jsgoecke — 14 posts

Adhearsion training will be available on Friday October 19, 2012 at the AT&T Foundry in Palo Alto, CA. To get more info and tickets, visit here. You will get a chance to learn Adhearsion on Asterisk, Freeswitch and PRISM.
The third AdhearsionConf will be held in Palo Alto at the stylish digs of the AT&T Foundry on the weekend of October 20-21, 2012. For the first time we are also offering a full day of hands-on training the day before the conference, led by the Adhearsion core team. Last year's content may be found here.
I just released a Ruby library, att_speech, for consuming the AT&T Speech API for speech to text. API details may be found here.
The Adhearsion team just launched v2.1.0 with a major new feature. It has been a long time coming and oft asked feature, and now Adhearsion has initial support for FREESWITCH. This expands Adhearsion's vision of being the development framework for telephony. With support for Asterisk and PRISM.
Watch the live stream here: AhnConf Live. Come and learn about the latest and greatest for realtime communications in Ruby and where Adhearsion is headed.
Adhearsion Conf 2011 is taking place in San Francisco next weekend (October 8th & 9th, 2011). Sponsors this year include Tropo, BlueVia / Telefonica, Mojolingo, Digum and ifByPhone. Be sure to sign-up and participate in what is shaping up to be a great event for what is happening in Ruby, telephony and next gen communications.
Here is a blogpost I did on WebSockets and Tropo, Putting the Real-time in your Communications. This shows how to use WebSockets to interact with users over phone calls.
AdhearsionConf 2010 registration now open! The first AdhearsionConf will be held in San Francisco on the weekend of August 14-15, 2010.
Announcing AdhearsionConf 2010 so mark your calendars to be in San Francisco from August 14th to the 15th.
After a long time coming I would like to announce the release of Adhearsion v0.8.4! Adhearsion was originally created by Jay Phillips (@jicksta) in 2006. Since that time it has evolved to become one of the most complete and widely adopted development frameworks for the Asterisk open-source telephony engine.

More on the release here.
Great writeup by @ananelson on using Tropo with Ruby: Welcome to the Troposphere. She does a great job of giving multiple use cases of some real apps you would want to develop.
Zhao Lu (aka @zlu) has shared a tutorial he has done using Ruby on Rails and the recently released Tropo Web API. The tutorial shows how to add, or build, the Tropo features to your Rails application in 15 minutes using REST/JSON API. All of this deployed to Heroku for easy application deployment. Then he goes on to show how to use Tunnlr with Rails to punch through firewalls without port forwarding...
I just launched the tropo-webapi-ruby for Provides voice, SMS and IM integration to Sinatra and Rails apps.
The Adhearsion team released version 0.8.1 of the Ruby-based voice development framework. The new release came with an entirely new website as well as extensive documentation. One of the new features is a component system to allow maximum code reuse. The team also made available the Adhearsion Getting Started Sandbox. This allows developers to start using Adhearsion right away, without having to download and configure a phone system like Asterisk.