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jugyo — 10 posts

I just released named_emoji. You can get the emoji for Mac OSX (Lion and Later) by name easily like `NamedEmoji[:smile]`. The emoji names are from Emoji cheat sheet.
I just released capy.
It provides the 'capy' command to run the script written in Capybara DSL.
I will use this tool for web operation automation.
I have released Tunnels. This is a proxy to http from https. By using this, you can run the Pow over SSL!
mocktra is a webmock DSL using sinatra. You can define web stub using sinatra. webmock is awesome!
Prettify MatchData
pretty_match_data is a tiny tool to prettify MatchData. Screenshot is here.
I just released ws-io 1.1.4, it provides the bridge between WebSocket and Standard IO. Also it provides the 'ws-irb' command that is the irb on browser.
I have just released rails-sh 1.4.0!
Have you ever been frustrated with SLOWNESS of rails commands? rails-sh is a small shell where you can run rails commands much faster. For example, you can run a command like 'rails generate' or 'rake routes' in few seconds.
This version started to support bundler.
I just created a screencast of rails-sh. You can see it's quickness. rails-sh is a mini shell for rails3.
ir_b is a simple gem to start irb session with the current context by calling 'ir b'.
I just released rails-sh. It's a mini shell for Rails 3 that provides a uniform and quick access to commands like 'rails g', 'rails c', 'rake routes', etc.