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kfaustino — 16 posts

I just posted "Using Sidekiq to send asynchronous emails" on the Remarkable Labs blog. It focuses on the built-in Action Mailer extensions provided by Sidekiq and how to use Sidekiq with Devise.
I wrote up a detailed post about the decent_exposure gem. It goes into how controllers and views have strong coupling due to the passing of instance variables. The rest of the post details how you can use decent_exposure to cleanup your controllers.
A Rails 4 love affair with PostgreSQL
I just wrote a blog post covering all the new PostgreSQL data type support being included out of the box in Rails 4.
Wrote up an article highlighting some of the biggest changes in Active Record coming in Rails 4. The post is database agnostic, so it doesn't include PostgreSQL additions such as hstore and array.
New HTML5 Form Input Helpers in Rails 4
I just wrote up a blog post about the new HTML5 additions to Rails 4
Rails 4 Countdown to 2013
For the month of December, Rida Al Barazi and I will be writing a series of 31 Rails 4 related articles in anticipation of the eventual release. Today we discussed the extraction of page and action caching from the framework.
My 2012 Mac setup for Ruby Development
I just bought a new Macbook Air and decided to share my setup for Ruby development with Mountain Lion
I just wrote a tutorial about how to implement full-text search using elasticsearch in Rails.
Published a blog post about how to use heroku_san to deploy to multiple environments, and manage your applications.
I just released the rails_templater gem which generates Ruby on Rails 3 applications based on your preferred choices.
I just wrote up a post about Faraday, Rick Olson's Rack inspired HTTP client library.
I compiled a list of Rails 3 links and resources to celebrate the upcoming launch of Rails 3 this week.
rails-templater: Rails 3 template
I just pushed rails-templater to GitHub. It is a template for Rails 3 applications similar to the BigOleRailsTemplate project.
I composed a list of 10 TextMate bundles which I use everyday.
An introduction to using Binged, a ruby wrapper for the Bing Api.
Riding Ruby on Rails 3 with Bundler
I just posted Riding Ruby on Rails 3: Bundler which shows how to manage your gems with Rails 3.