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Check this post on how to use JRuby, Sinatra in Google app engine to parse some feed and send a notification email.
Just posted the 4th post of this series.
Third post in Stackoverflow cool Ruby questions series is out!
The second post of StackOverflow cool Ruby questions.
I’m announcing in this post an endless series called Stackoverflow cool Ruby questions which will target cool Ruby questions on stackoverflow. I strongly recommend that you visit Stackoverflow on daily basis and try to participate if you have the time, but if you don’t, then I hope that you will enjoy this educational series.
Rails Magazine issue #4 is out, you can download it from here. Exclusive coverage of Ruby Kaigi 2009 – the largest Ruby conference in Japan: photos, analysis, special guests and more. [more inside..]
There's an XSS Vulnerability in Ruby on Rails, have a look
get it here.
Ruby Currying
Currying is a concept in Functional Programming that's enabled by Higher-order functions. It's best described as: the ability to take a function that accepts n parameters and generate from it one of more functions with some parameter values already filled in. Ruby 1.9 comes with support for this concept, more here.
Ruby is known to support the functional paradigm. This article is going to walk you through the Functional Programming page on WikiPedia, to revise the general concepts of functional programming and to explain how Ruby supports them. More here.
Get it here.
This concise issue of Rails Magazine covers RailsConf 2009 – in-depth commentary, photography, pointers to related resources and an interview section.
I got a lot of comments for the previous article, that was explaining how Ruby passes by value, just like Java does. I thought that showing a simple example implemented in C++, Java and Ruby will clarify the idea. continue here.
Ruby, does it pass by value or by reference? here
The power of JRuby
It’s true that I’m not the qualified guy to talk about Java’s power,as it has been 2 years since i last practiced it, but i feel like i have to communicate my thoughts to the people that didn’t give JRuby a trial yet, and why they should do so. If you never worked with Java before, then don’t panic, cause in these article i would list several reasons why JRuby is so powerful even if you don’t know anything about Java. So let's start...
Ruby symbols
I keep seeing some programmers from different backgrounds are unable to get what ruby symbols are, and though I do know that there are many great posts regarding this topic, and actually my intent is not to increase them by one :) , but i feel i have to clear few points regarding them.
So I’m trying to answer answer 2 important question here: What are ruby symbols? and When to use them?
Answers goes here :)
Ruby is a lang that supports Metaprogramming effectively, and might be the best in that field. If you want to explore more on that topic, and how ruby can help you, then check this list of posts i wrote recently, i hope you will enjoy them
A Domain-specific language(DSL) is a computer language that's targeted to a particular kind of problem, rather than a general purpose language that's aimed at any kind of software problem continue here...
Ruby callbacks
This blog post is about ruby’s callbacks(hooks): what are the available ones,and how practically we can use them? Ruby callbacks
Ruby reflection 2
This is the second post related to ruby's reflection API, the previous post was an extensive intro to this topic. While the current one will be lighter somehow, it would require you to focus a bit more on the content. Here we go:
Ruby reflection
Want to know more about ruby reflection? check the first post of this series
So many developers from various countries had corresponded to Matt Aimonetti’s article on open merb book, and an early version of the book is out there.

However lot’s of work is still needed in both directions: contribution and translation ,so: dear Arabic developers wherever you are ,if you are interested in Merb framewrok : please respond to my blog post
Well, finally it’s there, many important improvements were added to rails 2.2, and yet new things are on the way, you can check this blog post to check what’s new, while i’m gonna list here what i really liked about the new version of rails 2.2 , here
I wanted to start blogging on ruby reflection api, but i just realized that I have to give a second part of my previous article on Ruby introspection.