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knwang — 6 posts

We just wrote a tutorial series on integrating Bootstrap with Rails:

Integrating Rails with Bootstrap, Part 1 - the Installation
Integrating Rails with Bootstrap, Part 2 - CSS and Components
Integrating Rails with Bootstrap, Part 3 - Javascript Based Features
Postgres has a reputation of being hard to set up, but it seems things are changing now. check out our blog post on how to install Postgres for Mac OS X!

Install PostgreSQL on Mac
Wonder how to manage environment variables in Rails? In this article we discussed a few different solutions including Figaro, dotenv and Rails' built in secret.yml

Managing Environment Configuration Variables in Rails
We recently added OAuth to to our Rails app that uses Sorcery for authentication and wrote a tutorial for it.

Add OAuth to a Rails App Using Sorcery
We wrote a new tutorial on how to use Capistrano 3 to deploy Rails apps.

Deploy Rails Apps with Capistrano 3
I wrote a blog post about how to bring in Ruby gems or Rails source code together with your app to do some debugging. Digging into source code really shouldn't be difficult.. Check it out here!

How to Debug Rails with Your App