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kugaevsky — 7 posts

Mousetrap-rails 1.4.6 is out
I’ve just released mousetrap-rails 1.4.6 – Rails gem for handling keyboard shortcuts via mousetrap javascript library.
Here is a small post with release highlights and gem page on GitHub.
I've just released Mousetrap-rails v0.0.10 (gem for handling keyboard shortcuts in web apps) which is now compatible with Rails 4 and works with Turbolinks gem.
Ruby Daily goes mobile
Yesterday I’ve rolled out a couple of features for my ruby and web development news project - Ruby Daily. Hope you find them cool and useful.
Feel free to submit new articles or subscribe to newsfeed.
Take a look at my Ruby Daily newspaper powered by
It's an everyday news digest about (and from) ruby community and web development.
Hope you'll find it useful.
Mousetrap-rails v0.0.9 is out
I've just released new version of mousetrap-rails gem. Mousetrap-rails integrates Mousetrap javascript library with Rails Asset Pipeline so you can simple add hotkeys to your rails application.
I just released new mousetrap-rails version — 0.0.7.
I've just released mousetrap-rails gem. Mousetrap is a javascript library for handling keyboard shortcuts in your web applications. Mousetrap-rails gem integrates Mousetrap javascript library with Rails Asset Pipeline.