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lest — 6 posts

We're building the 'search' rubygem but we don't know what it's going to be yet. Please tell us what to build.
Lightning JSON in Rails
Rendering JSON is pretty easy in Rails. But what happens when we need to return 10,000 records at once?
"Lightning JSON" post explains how to speed up JSON rendering in Rails.
Protected Methods and Ruby 2.0
Aaron Patterson wrote a post about Protected Methods and Ruby 2.0.
I just found an interesting alternative to the money gem – latinum. It's a framework for resource and currency calculations.
Details about testing custom SimpleFrom inputs using RSpec with a real world example.
Sometimes when testing web applications it is needed to have them available from outside (i.e. in public Internet). For example some APIs you use may need to send callbacks. Or you just want to show somebody another cool feature on your development web-server. I've launched ProxyLocal that could make your local web-server publicly available over the internet.