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makaroni4 — 13 posts

Check out my blog post How to tune a guitar with Ruby.

There are code examples for using FFT, Gnuplot and some beautiful plots.
Remember Sandi Metz rules? Check out the intro post for gem "sandi_meter".
Check out blog post, add your own solution for benchmarking. Let's find the best one.
In this article cohort analysis for a forum application is described. Post starts with an explanation of what is cohort analysis and how it works and ends with a Ruby script flavored with some SQL and a beautiful plot.
Melkman's algorithm comes to the rescue when you need to find convex hull of a simple polygonal chain. Checkout blog post or Github repo.
It is extremely important to know how well your project is going. The best way to do it – just plot some metrics. In blog post Visualising database some tricky ActiveRecord queries are described with code examples of Google Charts to visualise query results.
In this blog post you can find sufficient manual how to install Jenkins CI on clean machine and configure it to build your Rails application.
If you work on a project that is quite old and you haven't looked in database schema yet it is time to clean up the garbage! See all empty columns with this simple ruby script.
In my blog post I described how we created GitFM – service for personal recommendations of Github repos.
Check this out:
May be this is too captain but I just freed 1Tb of memory on production server by deleting old releases folder. Be sure to automate releases cleanup in your deploy.rb: recipe.
Make deploy time shorter by skipping migrations. Here is the solution.
Here is my blogpost about using Garb gem in rails app for displaying page views and real example of using it.