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maxdemarzi — 14 posts

Demo Sinatra application and source code available for building your own facebook graph search.
Learn how to connect to Facebook with Neo4j using the Neography, Koala, and Sidekiq gems. Plus an awesome visualization of your friends network with D3.js.
When 2D is not enough go full 3D in the browser with Three.js.
Create a moving clustered graph visualization with the help of Sigma.js and Neo4j.
Build a matrix of Hiveplots using Neo4j, Gremlin and D3.js
Watch your favorite Ruby Videos on your big screen. Open Source, Open Content means you can add videos with a pull request!
Visualize a Social Network with the Neography gem and Neo4j.
Ruby nested hash trickery helps visualize a network using Neo4j and the Cypher language.
Check out a live demo on Heroku, walk-through and code on Github.
Muhammad Ali and the Beatles battle it out in a Neo4j database.
Check out the third part of Neo4j on Heroku and you'll have be ready to enter the contest (and win some prizes).
See how to build your own Neoflix website with Neo4j, Sinatra and Heroku.
We use Ruby to get the data we need from Neo4j and let Processing.js make it look amazing.
Don't let the "4j" fool you, I show you how to use Ruby with Neo4j in this blog series.