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maxmeyer — 6 posts

I just released the second release candidate for middleman-presentation 0.16.0. Detailed information about changes made can be found in the
I just released a new version of proxy_pac_rb. It uses now thor for commandline parsing and supports a new command to compress an existing proxy.pac.
I just released a spin-off of middleman-presentation. It's a webserver which serves a local directory only without any configuration. You can find it here. Beware it's written in Go.
I released a new version of middleman-presentation:
Version Number
To make it easier to build and maybe reuse a presentation, you can now add a version number to your presentation
Custom Slide Template
Now it is possible to define a custom slide template.
Easier creation of themes
Now there's a helper command available which makes theme-creating a lot of easier.
Footer for your presentation
Now middleman-presentation displays a footer on each slide (from the 2nd slide on) with your name, the copyright and the version number
Language detection for new presentations
Now it tries to guess what's the best language to use (based on the LANG-environment variable) when you create a new slide using the slide-command
Make debugging of slides easier
With this release you find HTML-comments with the file name in the rendered output.
This project helps you to build wonderful presentations based on HTML and JavaScript.

The JavaScript-part is powered by reveal.js, a great framework to build HTML-/JavaScript-presentations. The infrastructure behind middleman-presentation is powered by middleman, a flexible static site generator which also offers a live preview of your presentation.

* Seperates style/assets from slide content by using bower
* Has a slide creator (Markdown, Erb, Liquid)
* Helps you to initialize new presentations
* You can have your own templates for (new) slides
* Allows to group slides
* Integrates with your preferred editor

Ruby >= 2.1.0

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Have you ever felt the need to parse proxy.pac-files in ruby? Then have a look at proxy_pac_rb @ We just released a new version. For more documentation and examples please have a look at proxy_pac_rb @