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mhfs — 4 posts

I just released devise-async 0.6.0 with Devise 2.2 support.

In case you don't know, devise-async lets you send Devise's emails in background. Supports Resque, Sidekiq, Delayed::Job and QueueClassic.
I just released sidekiq-failures. It Keeps track of Sidekiq failed jobs and adds a tab to the Web UI to let you browse them. Makes use of Sidekiq's custom tabs and middleware chain. It mimics the way Resque keeps track of failures.
I just released devise-async. It provides an easy (and hack-free) way to configure Devise to send notification emails in background using your preferred queueing backend. Currently supports Resque, Sidekiq and Delayed::Job.
A quick tip I wrote some time ago on how to get a Ruby 1.9.2 installed via RVM working with RubyDebug.