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miaout17 — 4 posts

I just made a fun project named lolize. It can colorize your Ruby standard output with rainbow :D The algorithm is based on lolcat. Hope you like it.
I just published a new gem: Psychedelic, Awesome syntax colorizer in Ruby. It can automatically colorize any output in your console, supporting Ruby, Python, Perl, C++, Brainfuck... and any language you know magically. What are you waiting for? Use Psychedelic in your project TODAY!! RIGHT NOW!! (If it's April 1 in your timezone LOL)
I just release a gem hirb-unicode to solve unicode display problem of hirb gem.
I published a gem, RichRC, a customization tool for Rails 3 console. With RichRC, you can load extra gems such as hirb and wirble without editing Gemfile. RubyGems | Github