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mikepack — 12 posts

High-Low Testing
I've just published High-Low Testing, a detailed look at my Rails testing philosophy. I address working at the poles of test abstractions in a Rails application in order to more easily manage dependencies. Doing so provides increased test speed and better OOP feedback systems, with minimal costs.
I've just published another article on SOLID DCI. This one's on SRP, but we need to redefine responsibility. Feedback welcome!
In DCI: The King of the Open/Closed Principle, I look at how DCI guides developers towards following the open/closed principle. OCP is baked into the core of DCI!
I just published The First Step to Applying Design Patterns: Don't which takes a hard look at building software with design patterns in mind.
DCI with Ruby Refinements
I just published an article on using Ruby refinements in DCI. I discuss some of the pros and cons of this technique as well as how it performs against more mainstream approaches.
A Review of MVC
I just published A Review of MVC, including a quote by the creator of MVC, Trygve Reenskaug. It's just an interesting snippet I find integral to understanding MVC in practice.
I just published an article on the Exhibit pattern vs the Presenter pattern. The Exhibit pattern was introduced by Avdi Grimm in Objects on Rails. These two are similar in concept and structure, although vary in their use cases.
SOA for the Little Guys
I just published an article titled SOA for the Little Guys. It covers breaking apart a monolithic app into services with testing and Sinatra as the driving forces.
DCI Role Injection in Ruby
Many people have been wondering the proper way to inject Roles into Data objects with DCI. I tackle this topic in DCI Role Injection in Ruby.
There's been a bit of misrepresentation of DCI in recent articles. I try to amend that by describing The Right Way To Code DCI in Ruby. I would love to hear feedback.
I just wrote an article benchmarking DCI in the Ruby world. I've addressed possible concerns about the performance implications of using the DCI (Data-Context-Interaction) architecture.
I just released snowday, a RSpec formatter to make you feel all warm inside. Like hot chocolate.