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mikhailov — 7 posts

From DevOps point of view some functionality should be moved outside an application backe-end, say to front-end layer to just make things easier. I'd like to share simple solutions we use on production.

What Nginx as a powerful web-server can do for us:
- Secure pseudo-streaming FLV/MP4 files with short-lived URLs link
- Direct Upload without back-end link
- Proxy S3 files with URL masking link
Any software has configuration, bad simple configuration, just default values for abstract environment.
For. Abstract. Environment.

- Expensive hardware = good, cheap = bad
- Trust without visualization
- I don't want to optimize what I don't know

See the full post on coderwall.
Nginx+passenger application config: ssl redirection, http headers, passenger optimal settings:
* passenger_pool_idle_time
* passenger_max_pool_size
* passenger_pre_start
* passenger_min_instances
Today I'd like to show you the optimal backup shell script for all of my Rails Applications. Nobody love to setup the backup workflow, but all want to sleep well and have their data duplicated somewhere like Amazon S3 :) Here the script who take care of yours backup process
Nginx 0.7.6 with mod_rails But, what's happen, guys, I want a latest nginx stable instead out-of-date 0.6 branch. So, I show you how I use two of version nginx (stable 0.6.3 by modrails defaults and latest 0.7.6). You can use one of them on the yours server.
It's no secret that RubyEE is much more productive than standard Ruby. Ruby 1.8.6 (2008-08-11 patchlevel 287) is more preferable than ruby 1.8.7 (2008-08-11 patchlevel 72) and other. So, let's go to install rubyee and mod_rails. I want to give a small warning about the system's interpreter of ruby - no need to remove or recompile from an older version (older repo), because your operating system has a hard dependency within allover packages, and the repository contains the required version of ruby. No need to touch system Ruby.
You can now get Internet Explorer free under Ubuntu Linux with VirtualBox - ideal for testing Rails apps, etc. Microsoft give us FREE virtual PC images with IE6, IE7, IE8 aboard!