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mpapis — 26 posts

Welcome to RVM blog
I just blogged about my way of testing ruby initializers.
I just created Ruby Version Manager (RVM) twitter account follow it to get daily twitter tips and news for RVM.
RVM 2.0 Fundraiser halfway - ask your boss to help us.
I just created rvm1-capistrano3 gem, it will work automatically, in most cases no configuration is needed, just add it and be happy with capistrano using your server rvm and project ruby.
Please hack my Rails
Please hack my Rails
I just launched RVM 2 Fundraiser
Manage software versions using ruby, everywhere the same way.
I just published a blog post about my experiences with preserving credit while maintaining opensource project => Day from opensource project maintainer: git commit –author
new gem 4FUN flat2tree (gem) with example usage
I just released gem bundler-unload an extension for Bundler allowing to unload bundler back to bundlerless state. The code was extracted from rubygems-bundler and is used now as dependency.
I just released Github Contributors gem for easy updating static files with list of Github project contributors list.

$ gem install gh_contributors

$ echo "<span class="contributors"></span>" > public/contributors.html

$ irb
> GhContributors.for_repo('wayneeseguin/rvm').to_urls.update_files('public/contributors.html')
I just published A story of PROMPT_COMMAND and RVM.
I have just pushed binary rubies installation support, this will be released shortly (week or two) with RVM 1.16.0.

You can test it using:
rvm get head && rvm reload
rvm install 1.9.3 --binary || rvm help install

Please let me know if rubies are not available for some commonly used platform - only ruby 1.9.2+ can be compiled for this and on systems with /usr/lib64 only 1.9.3-p125+.

If you find any problems with binary rubies (or RVM) you can report them at the rvm issue tracker or discuss them directly with me(mpapis) on #rvm on
I just released a new version of rubygems-bundler - 1.1.0, here is the list of changes.
I just released Veewee templates updater version 1.1.0, it comes with important update, now it is possible to specify source repository owner to use for updating templates:

gem install veewee-templates-updater
veewee-templates-update stengah33

Will use instead of, the owner is optional so the jedi4ever is default.

VeeWee: the tool to easily build vagrant base boxes or kvm,virtualbox and fusion images
I have just posted an article about new release of Testing Framework - 0.4.0. TF is used for testign RVM, check it out if you need to test shell scripts or validate something on server, it's written in ruby and it's easily extensible via plugins.
I just released cinch-yaml-score 1.1.0, it is simple gemified cinch plugin for keeping track of score for users. It is first update for set of gems I have released for RVM irc bot - smfbot: cinch-yaml-keywords, cinch-url-scraper and cinch-yaml-memo.
Ever installed veewee gem and wanted to use template that was not yet in the gem? Now you can update available templates in the gem with one simple gem: gem install veewee-templates-updater Now every time you want to update templates just call: veewee-templates-update -- More details on the project page mpapis/veewee-templates-updater.
I just wrote on my blog about the forthcoming release of my gem rubygems-bundler 1.0.0 you can try it now with:

gem install rubygems-bundler --pre
I just wrote a new blog post on Fast deployment using Capistrano, RVM and more loaded with all the details needed to bootstrap server in 10 minutes.
I just build new version (0.2.8) of rubygems-bundler integration gem, it allows you to just skip writing `bundle exec ...`

A tip for those that care for performance like Santiago you can do this:


And my personal achivement - version 0.2.7 got over 1K downloads.
comparison of ruby management tools - you think RVM and rbenv are the same - the answer is yes and no - read to find out more
I just released rubygems-bundler integration gem version 0.2.1 - no more calling 'bundler install --binstubs' or 'bundler exec ...'. Install it by calling 'gem install rubygems-bundler' and follow the on-screen instructions. Current version 0.2.1 includes ported custom_shebang from rubygems 1.9, now you can start using it before it is released. rubygems-bundler works fine with ruby 1.8.7 & 1.9.2, it works with rubygems 1.3.7, 1.5.0, 1.6.2 & 1.8.5 ... it should be also working with 1.9.0 when it will be released. Note: This gem allows to use binaries in version specified by Gemfile ;)
I just released rubygems-bundler integration gem. No more calling bundler install --binstubs or bundler exec .... Install it by calling gem install rubygems-bundler and follow the on-screen instructions. Current version 0.1.5 allows recreating executables wrappers for all gems in GEM_PATH (include @global gemset for rvm). Note: This gem allows to use binaries in version specified by Gemfile ;)
I just released a new gem with state machine for rails, it uses minimalistic approach, no custom DLS, only one callback. State attr - try it if other state machines are to big for you.
Searching for new experiences I have tried a new setup - passenger standalone on rvm monitored by god and cron (see Q&A on the end).