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mrkamel — 3 posts

I just released v1.0.3 of search_cop which brings support for Rails 4.2.
Happy searching.
I released version v1.0.2 of search_cop as a bug fix release. search_cop adds search engine like query features as well as fulltext index capabilities to ActiveRecord. Go ahead and try it out.
attr_searchable, the gem to add database agnostic fulltext search to ActiveRecord (for Mysql and PostgreSQL) is a young and ambitious project. As its set of features grew, it has become neccessary to change its DSL and name. Thus, 'attr_searchable' is called 'search_cop' now.

In addition to the new name, search_cop v1.0.0 is out now and ships with search_scope's:

Check it out and install or migrate to 'search_cop'