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msdc — 15 posts

I've created ruby tribe on Snapzu. You can post here some blog articles, projects, tools related to Ruby. Snapzu is site similar to Reddit, where users can send stories and votes on them.
In little example I want to show you how to convert part of Sinatra source code to pdf using Linux operating system.
I've created step by step guide to creating digital clock in Ruby Shoes.
My step by step guide to creating post-it notes app in Ruby Shoes with YAML::Store for storage of notes.
I've created first part of my guide to creating links aggregation website in rails
I wrote list of ruby news websites
I've made a list of vim plugins for better development with ruby.
I've made a list of 6 rails books for beginner or intermediate developers
I wrote a guide about how to create calculator in Shoes
Learn Ruby on Rails book review
I wrote review of Daniel Kehoe book Learn Ruby on Rails
I wrote guide about how to install ruby and ruby on rails
I wrote second part of tutorial about how to create todo list app in rails
ruby on rails installation guide
I made a post about how to install rails
Learning resources for ruby
I wrote post about learning resources for ruby
I wrote first part of series of posts about how to create todo rails app