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nepalonrails — 13 posts

I love the speed of Zeus when it comes to Rails app testing. But its not straightforward when it comes to Rails Engine land. I've just compiled a post on how to set it up to run with Zeus and Guard for testing rails engine specifically.
Replacing rvm with rbenv using homebrew
Got rid of RVM with RBENV RVM with RBENV.
I've to add a CI server for the rails 3.1 project and I choose JenkinsCI. I googled around but all those articles posted, I couldn't find any that details on how to setup Jenkins for a rails 3.1 app with Github hooked. So, I wrote a post on how to setup Jenkins CI for a rails app integrated with private github repository with all the bells and whistles.
I released the first screencast in NepalonRails on How to build your own Vagrant box ready to use with chef-solo using Veewee. The goal is to cut the bandwidth to download the box everytime and show you how to build your own box with bells and whistles.
This is 2nd part of the series Rails app with distributed deployment playground. In this part, we'll setup Gitlab as Github clone using vagrant and chef-solo
A 3 part series on setting up Rails app deployment in your local workstation using different components. Here goes: Rails app with distributed deployment playground.
Setup Rails3.1 with Compass, SASS, Twitter-bootstrap without any load_path hacks.
Just a note on how to boost-up your Rails development environment.
While setting up the Resque and its couple of plugins, I'd ran across various difficulties to tie up the service together. So, I just documented it here as Setting up Resque, Status, Retry, Multiple failure backend with Rails 3 that might be of help for someone else.
Easy steps to setup HAProxy on development environment on Mac OSX to play with Rails app.
I just wrote a #notetomyself about doing stupid simple authentication just using email and password in a Rails3 app that uses Devise as authentication engine.
Running bundle install and waiting and waiting is obviously painful for many developers. To ease this pain, it took some time and blogged about it for future reference.
Creating your own Ascii art app
I just launched a post on how to create your own Ascii Art app using the evented architecture.